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COVID-19 Update:

March 20, 2020:

In an effort to help reduce the spread and help to keep our employees and community safe we are going to be closing our store and will reassess daily. At this time we are available through our mail-in program only.

Mail-In Option

If you do not wish to meet in person we have a mail-in option available. How does this work?

1. Call or text 970-214-9084 to get an instant quote on your device. 

2. We can send you a box with postage or you can choose to ship the device in your own box.

3. Once we receive the device we will pay you via Venmo, PayPal, or check, whichever you prefer, same day.

Call to learn more! 970-214-9084


Appointment Option

We will assess each situation and can arrange to meet with people individually. We will sanitize all surfaces and doors before the appointment, and as always, we will be wiping down all devices with Clorox wipes. We ask at this time that guest sit in our waiting area while we go over the device. 

To make an appointment call or text 970-214-9084 | We can typically meet you within the hour